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top reasons athletes are turning to cbd

Top Reasons Athletes are Turning to CBD

Top Reasons Athletes are Turning to CBD

Top Reasons Athletes are Turning to CBD

It can be hard to function when your muscles are sore. If you workout, then you know exactly what we are talking about. Soreness can stop you from reaching your physical peak during your next workout. Not only that, even simple things like walking or sitting down can have you wincing from the agony. That’s where exciting research regarding CBD comes in- especially the discussion of how it might support post-workout. Keep reading for the Top Reasons Athletes are Turning to CBD.

To be clear, you don’t have to be LeBron James or Cristiano Ronaldo to be considered an “athlete”. According to Webster Dictionary, an athlete is a person who is trained or skilled in exercises, sports, or games requiring physical strength, agility, or stamina. If we summed up this sentiment, it really looks like this – if you have a body and you move it, you’re an athlete. If you care about your exercises skills, that your form is correct, and you treat your food as fuel, you’re an athlete. And athletes need their recovery as much as they need their movement, right? Yes! When we workout, microscopic damage happens to our muscle fibers. From there, our muscles can become inflamed which then triggers the body to respond and repair. The repair and recovery mode is what actually causes our muscle soreness or stiffness.

Top Reasons Athletes are Turning to CBD: Here we Go
  • for a less painful recovery between intense workouts
  • to reduce muscle and joint inflammation
  • help with mental health and mindset
  • getting a better night’s sleep for restoration

If our recovery could be more comfortable and the turnaround time for repair quicker, that would really be a win win. This is where CBD comes into play and why many athletes are now turning to it for relief. Although the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not consider CBD to be a health supplement at this time and we cannot make any specific health claims regarding it, much of the research now supports CBD. Its benefits regarding anti-inflammation are especially hard to ignore these days. Many athletes believe it helps them perform better and heal after an intense workout. Research from Frontiers in Neurology and The American Academy of Neurology both support these claims. With CBD being one of the most concentrated chemical components of cannabis, there is evidence that it has a number of beneficial pharmacological effects like anti-inflammation, antioxidation, antiemetic, antipsychosis, and neuroprotection.

What this means…

What this means for those of us who workout is a host of benefits. They can include lessening muscle soreness, less downtime, and more relaxation post-workout in a way that helps us be even more productive and efficient during our next workout/game/match/etc. If you are a professional athlete, another cool thing to note about CBD is that ingesting it as a natural alternative for pain relief and inflammation can be an ideal choice, because it does not appear on drug tests. With The Simple Brand you will never have to worry about any amount of THC in our products as we are a 100% THC-free brand. If you are purchasing topical ointments which we don’t currently carry on our site, also be on the lookout for other brands’ label claims and Third Party lab results before purchasing.

Let’s keep life simple; let’s keep moving.

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