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it’s that simple.

One of the strongest kinds of love is the love we have for our parents. The Simple Brand’s origin story begins in this exact way- with a son’s love for his mother. Founder Josh Shokri’s dedication to product quality and customer care stems from his own personal journey with CBD. His mother was at a point in her life where she wanted to better manage her anxiety and bodily aches and pains. Her main relief was a vape pen and the idea of smoking long term wasn’t something she was happy about.

She asked Josh for help and through his extensive research, his mom tried multiple brands spanning from Amazon to popular influencer accounts on social media. With hundreds of dollars spent on various CBD products, many of these products were expensive and none helped her feel any better. As her son, this was incredibly frustrating for Josh to see his mom not get the relief she needed. He decided to create the perfect CBD product for her – one that is produced organically and advertised honestly. This is how The Simple Brand was born.

The company also has gone on to help many others; people wanting to better manage their minds and bodies. The list of fans and users of The Simple Brand include busy professionals, self-care enthusiasts, and high-performing individuals who understand the need for health and getting recovery in their hectic lives. Our products are price-conscious and high quality with an emphasis on wellness and immunity (check out the vitamins in our gummies!). We are 100% lab tested by a third-party to ensure there is no THC in any of our products. Also, we do not pay for advertising or influencers. We are backed by science and proud of it.

We care about your health and aim to give you the best CBD products. It’s that Simple.

Creator of The Simple Brand