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5 Bedtime Routines for Better Sleep

3 Bedtime Routines for Better Sleep

It’s hard to ignore the research these days about the value of sleep and what it means for our health. With one in every 3 American adults not getting enough sleep (7-8 hours is most optimal), there’s no time like the present to tackle sleep patterns and create habits that help us get more of it. Keep reading for our 3 Bedtime Routines for Better Sleep.


Signs of Sleep Deprivation

Without enough sleep, your brain and body systems won’t function normally. It can also dramatically lower your quality of life. Some of the signs include weight gain, low sex drive, weakened immunity, loss of concentration, and mood swings. None of these sound like appealing ways to live. If you are someone into working out and taking time for self-care, sleep might be even more important for you. Consequentially due to exercise, the breakdown of your muscle fibers is equally important to address. Adequate sleep provides the body time to recover and repair. Without giving them proper time to recover, it doesn’t do you much good to keep breaking down your muscles.


3 Bedtime Routines for Better Sleep

So what can we do to ensure better sleep? Well, working on a solid bedtime routine by focusing on one small habit within that routine can be helpful and fairly easy. If you are struggling to sleep each night (5 hours is not cute!), or find that’s interrupted, then it’s time to make your sleep hygiene a priority. Here are the top 5 routines our team has voted on for their sleep habits:


1. CBD! Yes, you read that right.

Some studies have demonstrated that CBD may act as a sleep aid. The results of these studies suggest that CBD affects the release of cortisol, possibly acting as a sedative. Cortisol, the stress hormone, is known to be highest in the morning upon waking, and as night comes, should drop in levels. In people with sleep issues though, cortisol levels might still be at a high which could explain why shut-eye just isn’t happening as it should. The Simple Brand is a great option to support your sleep routine. Consistency is key so be sure to keep your CBD some place in eyesight (maybe your nightstand) to ensure you remember to take it.


2. Commit to winding down with a mental exercise.

Supporting your nervous system by calming it down before bed is ideal. Popular mental exercises include freehand journaling where you write in a stream-of-consciousness style and creating grateful lists. Other great options include listening to a meditation app or reading something calming. Whatever mental routine you decide on, it will signal to your body ready that it is time to chill out.


3. Purchase a sleep mask.

If you are someone who needs a dark room in order to drift off, a sleep mask could be what you need. It’s a heck of a lot cheaper than blackout window treatments too. Among other things, Intrusive light at night has been scientifically proven to interrupt your body’s natural levels of hormone production and can even mess with your brain wave patterns. Delta is the one we are most aiming for during sleep. Make sure to look for a mask that guarantees 100% blackout and has a grip that won’t doesn’t slip off at night.


Improve your sleep to Improve your Health

Frankly, in our go-go-go culture, most of us are not getting enough sleep. The “work hard, play hard” mindset has its place in time, however it is equally cool to let your body have its time off. Try implementing these 3 Bedtime routines for better sleep. They may be just what you need to transform your sleep habits and your whole lifestyle too.

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