Are you looking for a team to toll process your industrial hemp? Look no farther. Toll processing is our specialty with our very competitive rates.

Toll processing is the simple process, where you pay to have your biomass turned into CBD oil. Then you can sell the extract, or manufacture into CBD products. What you do with it, is your business.


It is an on-demand service beneficial for both the client and the manufacturer. We like to compare toll processing to Uber. You open the app, with a destination and schedule in mind, they quote you a fee upfront, you click “confirm”, and Uber takes you exactly where you want to go.


In toll processing, the client provides raw materials (semi-finished goods) to a third-party, who will then provide the rest of the services (toll processing & refinement). The third-party already has the particular large-scale equipment, quality controls, and organizational models in place, and they supply manufacturing processes to the client for a fee – or toll.

(ex: Client has 20,000lbs of CBD Hemp Biomass. They contract with a Toll Processor to create Crude Oil from the Biomass, for a fee of $25/lb. The Client gets 1,500kg of CBD Crude delivered back to them)

As a toll manufacturer, The Simple Brand provides clients with the capability and resources to process hemp biomass into higher value products such as CBD crude, distillate, isolate, and water-soluble. The client then has a fixed cost per lb of manufacturing, without having to make a heavy financial investment in equipment, facilities, employees, and expertise. The client is able to develop the exact product they envision, without the time and capital investment of building a manufacturing operation. This significantly decreases the time required to get the product to market, as lead times for ordering and installing new machinery are eliminated.